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WOLF AIRMASK, India’s first “ION BASED AIRMASK,” MASK provides 99.9% real-time protection from all kinds of Bacteria and Viruses, airborne mold corona, or influenza viruses, allergens, bacteria, pollens, dust, etc. in an enclosed space. It is a revolutionary product designed by Allabout Innovations Pvt Ltd. The AIRMASK can discharge up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3/second, which binds with the surface protein or S-protein of harmful viruses/bacteria’s to effectively neutralize them.
The Product is ROHS Compliant, certified by CE, tested at Dubai Central Laboratory and other NABL Labs. Silent yet effective, WOLF AIRMASK provides 360-degree protection and a 24x7 shield to everything in its vicinity. The product has also been bestowed with MSME Time 2 Leap – Best COVID Solution of the Year Award and the Business Mint Social Innovation of the Year Award.


The negative ions discharged by the AIRMASK bind with the virus surface and transform into highly oxidizing OH radicals, drawing out the Hydrogen from the spike protein. The protein is then degraded, and OH radical returns as water into the atmosphere neutralizing the virus or any other microbe in the ambient environment effectively.


Most of the equipment nowadays includes filters capable of catching particles that are PM 0.1 and greater. But Viruses are microscopic and often have sizes ranging from PM 0.003 or less, making it impossible for and HEPA filters to stop them completely. In such a case, WOLF AIRMASK works just like an Air Mask to neutralize such nano-sized particles, organisms, and Pathogens in the air itself.


Most of the Ion filters present in the market require constant replacement of filters which are often very costly. Our WOLF AIRMASK generates Ions, thrusts them out of the generator, and covers a far greater area than most standard ion filter equipment.


The air around us may seem clear and fresh to the human eye, but interestingly it is home to millions of microscopic particles and microbes, including bacteria, germs, viruses, dust, pollens, pollutants, etc. which may have adverse effects on our body and health. Our AIRMASK neutralizes these particles faster to provide you with the cleanest and most sterilized air you can BREATHE FEAR FREE!


WOLF AIRMASK is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and extremely silent. The Double up as air purifiers and liveliness enhancers do not interfere with any of the routines for human beings, plants, or animals. So, Just Plug in and Play


Registered under the Kerala Startup Mission & Startup India, WOLF AIRMASK is designed by Allabout Innovations, a company based in Alappuzha, Kerala. It is an Independent and worldwide emerging company for Research, Development, Production, and Sale of High graded Ozone Generators

Directions to be followed before WOLF Ozone Protektion treatment

Plug and Play.
The equipment can be used like any regular indoor device
Ensure there is no block in the airflow vents.
Always keep the unit dry and clean.

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